Pursuit Yoga


Clear Mind, Strong Body, Best Life.

Pursue Your Best Life at Pursuit Yoga

Yoga is Union…

A union of breath and movement, of mind and body and of heart and soul. Yoga is a moving meditation where your stress, anxiety, fear and doubts melt away and your most authentic self is revealed. 

Pursuit Yoga is a space and a practice that is open to all to move, breathe, sweat and explore. It is a space that is free from judgment, that will both challenge and embrace you. Join us.


Class Formats:

Yoga Foundations: This is a foundational Vinyasa Yoga class that focuses on proper alignment and breath. This class is led at a pace that allows beginners to learn the basics of movement and alignment in postures and gives those with more experience greater detail in the fundamental points of alignment. This class will help build strength, reduce stress and increase mobility. This is a great place for beginners to start in Vinyasa Yoga!

Yoga Flow: This class is a step up from the Foundations class and will introduce more advanced postures including standing balances, arm balances, inversions and deeper twists. It is led at a steady pace to develop strength, cardiovascular endurance and steadiness of mind. Suitable for intermediate (approximately 6 months of yoga experience) to advanced practitioners.

Yoga HIIT: This fitness focused format includes a 20 minute Yoga Flow warm-up, then 18-20 minutes of High Intensity Intervals and finishes with a 20 minute Yoga Flow cool-down. The intervals will include a variety of body weight and dumbbell functional movements. This class will help increase strength, cardiovascular endurance, burn fat and will kick your metabolism into high gear!